Sriracha Harbour welcomes MS. Seven Seas Explorer and MS. Riviera

February 10-11, 2024 – Sriracha Harbour, a deep-sea port providing cargo handling and other multipurpose services,

welcomed two cruise ships, MS. Seven Seas Explorer and MS. Riviera, to its port for passenger transportation services.

MS. Seven Seas Explorer: A luxurious cruise ship with modern amenities, accommodating up to 750 guests and

542 crew members.

MS. Riviera: An excellent choice for sea travel, offering passengers a comfortable and safe journey to their destinations.

Sriracha Harbour is delighted to be chosen as a port of call for cruise ships, demonstrating the port's potential and

readiness to support cruise tourism.

Sriracha Harbour is a private deep-sea port with a comprehensive range of services.

Committed to providing quality and customized services to meet customer needs.

Passenger transportation from cruise ships is one of the services that we are pleased to offer.