Sriracha Harbour : Committed to Environmental Conservation

Sriracha Harbour  is committed to environmental conservation by prioritizing the sustainable use of resources. We are aware

of the environmental impact of our port operations and are therefore dedicated to using natural and recycled materials

whenever possible.

Examples of our environmental conservation initiatives:

  • Using wooden pallets instead of plastic pallets: Our port uses wooden pallets for cargo transportation instead of plastic pallets.

    Wooden pallets can be reused or recycled, helping to reduce plastic waste.

  • Using recycled materials for merchandise: Our gifts and souvenirs are made from recycled materials,

    such as umbrellas made from plastic water bottles. This helps to reduce the use of natural resources.

  • Using water efficiently: We have a water conservation policy and have installed a

    water recycling system to reuse water.

  • Planting trees: Our port has a large number of green spaces, and we plant trees to absorb carbon

    dioxide and create a green environment.

  • Supporting environmental conservation: We support various projects and activities related to

    environmental conservation.

Sriracha Harbour is committed to operating our business while protecting the environment. We believe that

the sustainable use of resources is essential for long-term sustainable business development.

Let's create a sustainable future together.